Take Control of Clinical Trial Recruitment

Managing referrals for clinical trials can be time consuming for sites and frustrating for sponsors. Keeping track of referral feeds across studies and sources creates excessive site burden, low visibility for sponsors into the success of recruitment efforts, and - ultimately - a bottleneck in enrollment. 

StudyTeam's Referral Partner Interface (RPI) streamlines site workflows by delivering vendor referrals directly into StudyTeamTM -  where they already manage enrollment. This minimizes “lost referrals,” reduces data entry burden for sites, and provides sponsors with earlier and more accurate visibility into the ROI of their recruitment strategies.

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Benefits for Sponsors

StudyTeam RPI gives sponsors visibility into and control over their recruitment strategies: 

  • Run trials that are more supportive of sites and patients
  • Reduce lost patient referrals
  • Access more accurate and attributable recruitment source insights
Sponsor dashboard in monitor
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Benefits for Sites

StudyTeam RPI automatically imports referrals directly into StudyTeam™ for Sites, so all candidates can be managed in one place, eliminating extra work. StudyTeam RPI also:

  • Alerts site teams that new referrals require action
  • Seamlessly imports pre-screening data captured by the recruitment platform
  • Automatically attributes the referral to the the recruitment vendor that sent it

Benefits for Recruitment Vendors 

StudyTeam RPI delivers vendor referrals directly into sites' enrollment workflow, greatly improving their experience and increasing engagement: Vendors can expect:

  • Reduced site burden and increased campaign opt-in rates
  • Increased referral engagement
  • Better insights into site engagement
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Why Sites & Sponsors love StudyTeam RPI

Mike Miller


“It is helpful and easy to track all patients in one place, no matter where are they coming from (EMR, sponsor portal, digital recruitment vendor, social, central ad campaign)”

Susan Sanders


“Emailed referrals can get lost and standalone referral portals are less efficient… An all-inclusive solution like StudyTeam which encompasses both needs is more productive.”

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