Leading Biotech Triples Oncology Trial Enrollment Rate with StudyTeamTM

How StudyTeam provided an advantage in a competitive therapeutic area

Key Insight:


Increase in enrollment rate 

The Sponsor


A leading biotech company pioneering the development of precision cancer therapeutics starting a Phase 2 study in the highly competitive immuno-oncology area.

The Challenge

Immuno-oncology is a highly competitive area, where competition is fierce for both patients and high-performing sites. That is why it was critically important for the Sponsor to enroll every qualified patient and minimize dropout rates. 

These conditions made patient recruiting a key focus for this Phase 2, critical path study. Site staff are busy with many conflicting priorities, and the Sponsor needed a solution that would allow their chosen sites to easily screen patients and match them to the right trials.


The Solution

After seeing a demo, the Sponsor chose Reify Health’s StudyTeamTM to manage patient enrollment. With StudyTeam, the Sponsor had visibility into each site’s pre-screening activity and could see when identified patients required follow up from the site. 

By eliminating the redundant data entry of traditional pre-screening logs and instead automatically sharing de-identified recruiting and enrollment data directly with the Sponsor, site burden was reduced and the Sponsor had access to faster and more accurate updates. The Sponsor had insight into any enrollment issues months before their IWRS system reported them.

StudyTeam allowed sites to screen a single patient across multiple trials and find the best match with each patient. By using StudyTeam, sites were able to capture more patients and ensure that those patients did not fall out of the recruitment funnel. 

Since StudyTeam is designed to fit the site’s workflow, the sites had a patient tracking system they could continue to use, even after this trial concluded. 


“I love when [sponsors / CROs] use StudyTeam. It saves us time working on their studies and helps us work together as a team.”

 — Director of Site Operations



StudyTeam had a substantial impact on enrollment and randomization rates throughout the trial.

When sites used StudyTeam, enrollment rate increased over 215%.

Sites using StudyTeam randomized 2.46 patients per site compared to 0.78 patients per site for sites that were not using the software. 

By connecting its sites with StudyTeam, the Sponsor eliminated the burdensome work that distracts sites from finding patients, resulting in faster enrollment and randomization.

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Key software features

Pre-Screening Multiple Trials

StudyTeam makes it easy for sites to pre-screen patients for multiple trials, helping sites find the best course of treatment for their patients, and ensuring sponsors enroll every qualified patient. 

Automatically Share Data

StudyTeam automatically shares de-identified recruitment and enrollment activity and data, saving the sites from having to duplicate work and enter redundant data into traditional pre-screening logs.

Easy to Use Interface

The drag-and-drop interface gets sites operational in less than 60 minutes. Sites are more productive and more engaged in the study.


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